Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Restoring Data Base and Application From One Domain to Another Domain

      For Restoring the Application and DB they are few simple Steps which can be followed as follows

Step1:Restore the Data Base which we need to attach to the Application
Step2:Install the Standard Application Excluding Data Base and Attach the Data Base which was Restored .
Step3:Replace the Application Files of Standard with the Required Application Files.
Step4:Compile the Application and Synchronize the Data Base

    When we Open the Application  it may Prompt that You are Not Recognized User of Microsoft Dynamics AX.Contact Your System Administrator.
Step5:To Solve this Issue u Need to Authenticate the Currently Logged in User in the UserInfo Table.Here we need to Provide The Network Alias as the User Name ,Domain and SID(Security Identification)
     To Know the SID Go> Run >Regedit>Computer>HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protection Storage Security Provider\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
          Copy the SID From here and Paste in SID Field of Userinfo Table

By this we can Restore the Application and DB From one  Domain to Another Domain Successfully.

Santhosh Reddy
-It's kind of fun to do the impossible 

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