Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fetch Method in Axapta Reports

Fetch Method is used to Filter the Records taht are being sent to the Final Report

Here is the Example

public boolean fetch()
    boolean retCode = false;
    BankAccountTable bankAccountTableRec;
    QueryRun qrun;
    // Use the queryRun object that is associated with the
    // report; element refers to the report.
    qrun = new QueryRun(element);

    // Verify that the report dialog works.
    if (! qrun.prompt())
        return retCode;

    // Loop through each record from the data source query of the report.
    while (
        // Get the BankAccountTable fields from the query record.
        bankAccountTableRec = qrun.get(TableNum(BankAccountTable));

        // Exclude ODDBANK from the visible report.
        if (bankAccountTableRec.AccountID != "ODDBANK")
                // Include the current record in the report.
    retCode = true;

    // retCode = super(); // Do not call super() when you override the fetch method.
    return retCode;


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